Friday, September 15, 2006

Mi Vida Loca!: Part III - Last Night... (Repost from MySpace)

Last night…

Sonya wrangled me into going to a fund-raiser for Alternatives for Girls, a non-profit that helps teenage runaways, abuse victims, and the like. A good cause to be sure, but with all the things going on in our house right now (to be chronicled later), I just wasn't sure I could afford the time. Sonya's mom works for the non-profit and they needed some seat-fillers, so the cost was only parking and drinks (still adding up to about $35). Still, it meant finding a sitter (thanks again, Val!) and spending 3-4 hours doing something other than catching up on our crazy life.

The event was a buffet and casino games, followed by the newest show at the Gem Theater, The Rat Pack is Back, a tribute to Frank, Dean, Sammy & Joey. Sonya and her mom figured this was right up my alley, being a big Sinatra fan. I was rather ambivolent, but a bit curious. Tribute shows usually aren't my bag. I'd rather crank the MP3 player up in my car and croon along, usually, but a free meal, free show, and a chance to help out my mom-in-law seemed worth the hassle.

My dear sister, Valerie, was willing to help out with the babysitting, albeit reluctantly, but we still got a late start. We got there for the pre-party, consisting of a WONDERFUL buffet and casino games. The 6 top winners chose from donated prizes. After only gambling with my complimentary chips for the last 5 minues, I managed $600 at the blackjack table! Not quite enough to win anything, but it was fun.

The show. I cannot emphasize enough how great this show is! Dean is AMAZINGLY convincing! Looks great, even though acting a bit more "swishy" than "sloshy" at times. Joey is hilarious, Sammy has the original's move down, and Frank has the overbearing, but fun-loving attitude nailed. All sing wonderfully, the orchestra is fabulous, and the close, club-like atmosphere is electrifying! They cover most all the standards and you can't help but mouth the words along. Check it out!

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