Monday, December 11, 2006

A remarkable example of greed and avarice...

I've had several of my family members ask me for a wish list for Christmas. I have kept an ongoing wish list I edit about twice a year (birthday & Christmas). I sent it along to them, and I figured it would make a decent blog entry so either you could gain further insight into my greedy and materialistic side or if any of you manage to sue someone wealthy, inherit a large sum from a distant relative, or win the lottery, I might get a thing or two.

Here's what i sent out:

Okay, you're all family (or ones I consider family), so no doubt you've been curious or have downright asked me for a Christmas list. Boy, you people are masochists. Okay, but remember (some of) YOU ASKED FOR IT!

Disclaimer: The things itemized in this list are the heartfelt desires, outrageous whims, and just plain daydreams of a greedy mind. They in no way express items I EXPECT to get in any way, as most are expensive, irresponsible, silly, or just plain wrong. With the exception of tuition funds and car repairs (my top priorities, by the way), most are pretty frivolous. This is an ongoing list that I revise from time to time, so other than simply crazy stuff (i.e. my own island, $1 million, and a fleet of Austin Minis), pretty much every thing that pops into my head drops on here eventually.

Here we go!


1. Archos Media Player – 30 gig minimum in any of the following series: AV300, AV 400, AV500, AV700, 504, 604, 402E
2. Book – Congress-The Drum Corps Science-Fiction: The Coming of Congress by Larry & Phyllis Kirk
3. Book – History of Drum & Bugle Corps: Volume 2 (
4. Book – Janet Chiefari – Introducing the Drum & Bugle Corps
5. Book – Jodeen E. Popp - Competitive Drum Corps (Olympic Printing Inc., call 847-296-3015)
6. Book – Judy Garty – Marching Band Competition
7. Book – Kim Holston – Marching Band Handbook
8. Book – Silent Bob Speaks: The Collected Writings of Kevin Smith by Kevin Smith
9. Book – Star Trek: Best Destiny (hardcover) by Diane Carey
10. Book – Star Trek: Captain's Glory by William Shatner
11. Book – Star Trek: The Eugenics Wars Volume 3 (hardcover) by Greg Cox
12. Book – Star Trek: The Return (hardcover) by William Shatner
13. Book – The Complete Marching Band Resource Manual by Wayne Bailey
14. Buddy Christ Dashboard Statue (
15. Car Repair – New Brakes
16. Car Repair – New EGR Valve
17. Car Repair – Tune-up
18. CD – William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy - Spaced Out!
19. CD – 'Weird Al' Yankovic - Straight Outa Lynwood
20. Cologne – Eddie Bauer EB21
21. Cologne – Ralph Lauren Polo
22. DCI Calendar ( )
23. DVD – An Evening with Kevin Smith II: Evening Harder
24. DVD – Animaniacs
25. DVD – Clerks II
26. DVD – Clerks: 10th Anniversary Edition (any video store)
27. DVD – Clue
28. DVD – DCI Legacy Collection – full boxed set or any individual DVDs except 1992 (
29. DVD – Dodgeball
30. DVD – Family Guy, Volume 4 (get the special edition at Target – it has extras)
31. DVD – Ferris Bueler's Day Off
32. DVD – Greatest American Hero (Full Series Deluxe Box Set)
33. DVD – Hong Kong Phooey
34. DVD – Indiana Jones Trilogy Box Set (any video store)
35. DVD – Kids in the Hall, Seasons 2-5
36. DVD – Little Shop of Horrors (1998 with Rick Moranis and Ellen Green)
37. DVD – Monty Python & the Holy Grail
38. DVD – Monty Python's the Life of Brian
39. DVD – Monty Python's The Meaning of Life
40. DVD – Muppet Treasure Island (any video store)
41. DVD – Scrubs: Seasons 1-3
42. DVD – Spiderman II
43. DVD – Star Trek: Insurrection – Collector's Edition (wide screen – any video store)
44. DVD – Star Trek: Nemesis – Collector's Edition (wide screen – any video store)
45. DVD – Strange Brew
46. DVD – Superman Returns
47. DVD – The Big Lebowski
48. DVD – The Complete Monty Python (series box set)
49. DVD – The Garbage Pail Kids Movie
50. DVD – The Great Muppet Caper (any video store)
51. DVD – The Muppet Movie (any video store)
52. DVD – The Muppets Take Manhattan (any video store)
53. DVD – The Simpsons, Seasons 2-8
54. DVD – The Weird Al Show
55. Costume – Silent Bob Trenchcoat (Have Val make it)
56. Costume – Star Trek Burgundy Uniform Jacket (Have Val make it)
57. Folding Keyboard Stand
58. Gameboy Advance games - Super Mario Advance 2, 3 & 4 (any video games store)
59. Keyboard Sustain Pedal
60. Laptop computer with 1.6 gig (or better) processor, DVD/CD-RW, & as much RAM as possible
61. Royal Crown Revue Bowling Shirt (XXL,
62. Star Trek Comm Badge -
63. Star Trek Hockey Jersey, Starfleet or Klingon (XXL)
64. Star Trek Rank Pips (4) -
65. Star Trek Uniform Jacket (XL) -
66. Trombone - Bach Stradivarius 42BO w/'F' attachment or Conn 88H w/'F' attachment
67. Tuition Funds (I currently have a $1,400 bill) made out to Wayne State University – Highest Priority!
68. Yamano Hand Roll Piano (

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