Thursday, June 7, 2007

100 Things About Me...

A friend of a friend of mine posted her 100th blog and made a list of 100 things about her. Seemed like a good idea and better than a canned survey. Managed to fill the occasional drab moments of the workday over the past 5 hours. 100 things about yourself (without getting too explicit) ain't as easy as it may seem!

Most of this is WAY more than you ever wanted to know about me, and some of it a bit deeper and more thought provoking than I had intended or expected this would be.

Here goes:
  1. I'm a sucker for really good beer.
  2. I'm very ticklish.
  3. I actually LOVE my crappy-paying job.
  4. The job that pays the bills – not so much.
  5. I'm an extremely articulate writer, but in person I tend to have a slower wit and I stammer.
  6. I plan out conversations and witty retorts in my head ahead of time to compensate for #5.
  7. I am completely reliant on the "spell check" feature on my computer.
  8. I wish my first and middle names were reversed.
  9. For those that are curious: knit boxers.
  10. Among non-musicians and less serious musicians, I love feeling like a genius, but if you get me amongst professionals, I'm an idiot and a coward.
  11. I am a social liberal but economic conservative.
  12. I'm becoming more jaded as I grow older, #10 being the first, but hopefully last step.
  13. To most that know me, I'm a very giving and kind person. For those that know me well or live(d) with me, I can be a real selfish bastard.
  14. I cannot STAND holes ANYWHERE in my socks.
  15. For those that didn't know: The Red Chucks I wear are a tribute to my favorite drum corps of all time, the Velvet Knights from Anaheim, CA. Plus they're just comfy as hell.
  16. I love how I look in a suit, but generally dislike wearing them. Hence, I only own 1 (plus a tux for concerts).
  17. When wearing a suit, I will only wear athletic socks. If necessary, under dress socks.
  18. I'm generally opposed to cosmetic surgery, but there is a thing or two I'd have done, myself.
  19. I'm a dichotomy (there ya go, Kel) of egotism and severe self-consciousness regarding my appearance.
  20. I require constant validation regarding things I take pride in. If I don't get it, I fish for compliments. (This includes my blogs, so please comment freely and frequently.)
  21. I am great with faces but absolutely HORRIBLE with names.
  22. If I didn't have to work anymore, "…I would sit on my ass all day. I would do…nothing".
  23. I quote movies WAY too much.
  24. I have an annoying habit of quoting along with movies, usually missing a word or two or messing up the timing, much to the annoyance of those around me.
  25. I, on occasion, pick my nose.
  26. I'm addicted to what is often considered to be the "junk food" forms of classier genres of music. I.E. drum corps, marching bands, barbershop, showtunes, parodies, movie scores, etc.
  27. Aside from occasional bouts of depression that last for a couple days, I'm usually a VERY optimistic person.
  28. I'm not very trusting, but extremely gullible.
  29. My childhood could have filled an entire Jerry Springer SEASON, yet my sister and I are surprisingly well adjusted…for the most part.
  30. I love my family and friends, but have a tendency to take them for granted too much.
  31. Most (but not all) of my nobler decisions, charity, and helpful nature aren't founded in altruism, but fear of consequences, getting caught, or ego gratification.
  32. My brain can suck up useless trivia like a sponge, but useful facts, dates, and pertinent information leaks through like a sieve. Oh well, usually get me ten cents off my coffee at Caribou.
  33. Every time I think I'm the biggest geek in the world and take pride in it, another BIGGER geek comes along.
  34. In 7th & 8th grades I wanted to work for Will Vinton Studios and design Claymation sculptures like the Noid & California Raisins for a living.
  35. I immerse myself in projects, chores and work to distract me when I'm angry, anxious, or depressed.
  36. I have lost the ability to relax during the day. If I'm not earning money or being productive, I get antsy.
  37. #36 becomes invalid past 9pm or so. Then, it's usually Couch Potato time, if possible.
  38. I cannot complete a blog in 1 sitting, generally. I write and edit it over several hours or days. So far this one is going on about 3 hours at work, and I'm only about 1/3 done.
  39. I fear and resist change, but am capable of overcoming that fear it if the fruits of change are sweet enough.
  40. I have never been to a Star Trek, Sci-Fi, or Comic Book convention, but DESPERATELY want to attend one – SOON!
  41. Singing in a good barbershop quartet is one of my greatest joys.
  42. I've been able to sing with 3 world champion quartets so far, in informal situations: Power Play, Gotcha!, and Vocal Spectrum.
  43. My dream job would be either doing voice-overs, marching drill design, or music arranging. Something relatively high-paying, creative, and able to do from home.
  44. The best hourly pay I have ever received has been singing with my quartet. Now if only we could get 20-30 gigs a week…
  45. I have had a crush on Alyssa Milano since I was 12. I had clippings from Tiger Beat and other teen rags of her all over my wall.
  46. I HATE Justin Timberlake on sheer principle. See #45.
  47. If I could be any celebrity, I'd be Wil Smith. I want those looks with that wit, talent, and charm. The money would be nice, too. He can keep Jada.
  48. I cannot imagine being at any point in my life where I would not have ANYONE who would help me recover. That thought has saved me several times.
  49. I usually can't sulk for more than 2 days at a time, consistently. At some point I just get bored and work my way through depression by sheer determination.
  50. Being half way done with a project always helps motivate me to finish.
  51. I once ran so fast, I actually thought I was flying.
  52. I'm an excellent salesman, but the thought of relying on my sales skills for my livelihood scares the hell out of me – especially now, in this economy.
  53. I react to emotional manipulation VERY badly. Guilt trips and orders rarely work with me.
  54. Reverse psychology, on the other hand, works very well on me. I have to think something was MY idea for me to thoroughly enjoy it.
  55. I derive much of my total self-esteem from making others happy.
  56. I love Venice Beach, but could never live in California.
  57. I love the west coast of Ireland, but could (probably) never live there, either.
  58. If I could be any age again, I'd probably be 19 or 20.
  59. I feel absolutely naked without my cell phone, my watch, my wallet, my keys, and now my laptop – whether I need them or not.
  60. I cannot keep the same hairstyle or facial hairstyle for a full year. At some point, usually either in the dead of winter or hottest part of the summer, I'll grow either or both out or shave them.
  61. I usually go back to the same hairstyle for most of the year.
  62. I'm an electronic gizmo junkie.
  63. I'm fairly mechanically intuitive, but numbers and mathematically related things frustrate, confuse, and/or bore me.
  64. I developed my wit and vocabulary as a result of being bullied.
  65. I once talked my way out of being pummeled by a bully by using words he didn't understand and either emasculating him intellectually or just plain confusing him.
  66. I was in the best shape of my life between the ages of 16 and 21.
  67. I marched drum corps every summer between the ages of 16 & 21. Coincidence? I think NOT!
  68. I still find Sonya every bit as attractive now as the day I first saw her.
  69. I find myself more attractive now than when I first met Sonya, but not as attractive as I was a year later (after my first summer of drum corps).
  70. Our kids have our best physical features, and I think at times, a few of our worst emotional traits.
  71. I would do anything for my family.
  72. My car is my locker, my home away from home, and my fortress of solitude. No matter how crappy my car at the time may be, I'm very possessive about who drives it.
  73. I miss my Tassie Cat.
  74. I miss my grandma.
  75. I cannot think in a messy environment.
  76. I go through cleaning blitzes about once every 2 weeks, but am generally a very sloppy person.
  77. I despise indecisiveness – especially in myself.
  78. I hate redundancy. ("Dija GET that memo?")
  79. I LOVE the smell and sight of lilacs.
  80. The scent of diesel fumes and fresh cut grass sends me into silent reverie and reminiscence.
  81. I consider myself a "friend of the family".
  82. I am poor in possessions and material wealth, but rich in meaningful blessings. It would be nice to have a LITTLE material wealth, though!
  83. I NEED a bigger house with my own office/music room.
  84. I would generally pay more for convenience than delay gratification to save money – to a reasonable extent.
  85. I have never had the time to teach myself guitar, but I plan to.
  86. My ukulele is the most fun musical instrument I have ever owned.
  87. It amazes me and confuses me how many people are impressed with my ukulele and my playing thereof.
  88. I have unfair and unjustified subconscious prejudices, but I try to acknowledge them and react properly and respectfully despite them. I'm usually successful, but not always.
  89. I will continue to punch new holes in my old belt until I hit under 200 lbs. Maybe longer.
  90. If I had an extra hour and a half a day to exercise (including prep and subsequent shower), I would.
  91. The only time I can stand being sweaty is during band camps or intentionally exercising.
  92. I would be a much better band director than many (but not all) of those I have worked for, in many, if not most, respects.
  93. I have several close friends of whom I am DEEPLY jealous of their creativity (musically, artistically, and literarily).
  94. I have other close friends of whom I am DEEPLY jealous of their freedom (financially, responsibility-wise, and schedule-wise).
  95. Many of these are one and the same.
  96. I make a point to try and tell my heroes that they are such, preferably before they die.
  97. I will not pay more than $10 for a pair of sunglasses (before tax).
  98. I need to get an eye exam and some regular eyeglasses. Getting old sucks.
  99. I admire and enjoy watching clever commercials.
  100. I am obsessed with pop culture of all eras.

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