Thursday, June 29, 2006

Some things I have learned... (Repost from MySpace)

These are not cut-and-pastes of cheesy e-mails or quips from re-posts of forwarded crap. These are nuggets of wisdom I have gleaned myself and in my own words.

Think before you speak or act.

Respect and trust are hard earned - and easily squandered.

If you spin a web, you'll get caught in it.

If your heart says something's wrong and your head tries to justify it - trust your heart.

Love fully and unconditionally, but take care how you express it.

True friends are precious and rare.
Don't abuse them. You will loose them.

People can and want to change - let them.

Do not let the perceptions of others change your view of yourself.
Only you are the true judge of you own worth and know what's truly in your heart.

Letting EVERYONE know exactly how you feel is never a bad idea.

Be tactful, but be honest.
It's possible to do both.

"To thine own self, be true."
Yes, but be true to those you love as well. You'll be surprised how often they are the same thing.

Cry - even if you have no shoulder to cry on.

Try and find a shoulder to cry on, even if it just ends up being a pillow that's willing to listen.

Get your thoughts down - even if it's only clich├ęs and quips.

Share your thoughts, even if it leaves people questioning your character.

Be an open book.
It leaves less room for others to question your motives.

Not everything needs to be said, but most of it SHOULD be said.

Everything you do affects others.
Be aware of that at all times.

Every day you make decisions.
Today I decide to love and respect myself and those I care for.

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