Monday, March 10, 2008

Four Eyes and a Dropped Shoe...

Pardon the lack of blogs. My laptop power cord has gone "PFFT!" again and I've been busy at work, so I haven't had much time. Another chord's on the way...again.

Well, I finally did it. I got glasses. I held out longer than anyone in my family at age 33. Picked them up last Saturday, with Courtney in tow. The first few minutes with them on were rather disorienting, but after my eyes adjusted, I was surprised how much better I can read things at a distance. I'm generally wearing them most of the time, but I can get along without them. I've already gone through the "Crap - left them at work" and "Where the hell did I put those things?" while they sit perched atop my head.
New Glasses

As for the barbershopping gig at Greenfield Village, well, as they say, "if it's too good to be true...". I came home Tuesday to a disturbingly thin envelope from the Henry Ford with a 1-page letter replete with gratitude for my inquiry, yadda-yadda. No gig for me. I was initially rather upset, but I managed to let it roll off my back. It still kind of irks me, but I probably came off a bit overbearing at the call-back. I tend to have an enormous ego about the few things I feel knowledgeable about - including, of course, barbershop. There's probably a number of other reasons - some justified, some not - why I wasn't given the gig. My friend, already in the quartet, was moved to tenor, which gives me the impression they don't really audition for specific parts, but want folks versatile enough to do more than one. I'm only decent on tenor & bari, really. Oh well, maybe I'll try again next year, if it fits into my schedule.

On happier barbershopping notes, I was scheduled to work this Friday during the chorus's annual performance for the Greenfield Presbyterian Men's Club dinner, so I couldn't make it. Being so close to my Blockbuster, my quartet decided to stop by after the show, and we managed to sing for about 40 minutes for the customers while I was on the clock. Granted, it's not the $90/day I'd get at Greenfield Village, but it was nice to get paid to sing (sorta). We sounded good and had a lot of fun.

Been working on some graphic design for a pet project of my dad's. It's fun. I love this stuff. Did some nice things and it was well received.

Okay, gotta run. Guest Night at chorus tonight and my quartet's performing. I gotta get home to prep Liam for Cub Scouts first.

Coming Up: Video of my quartet in the 2008 DOC Annual Show!