Monday, August 11, 2008

Another boring blow-by-blow of My Weekend...

Nothing particularly interesting in this one, just another good weekend in my boring-assed life.

Friday, I took off work a bit early to head with Sonya & Courtney to pick Liam up from his week at summer camp. We got a bit of a later start that we had hoped, but managed to avoid the traffic headaches we ran into on the way down. Liam was more than happy to give us a tour of the grounds, eagerly showing us the fire pit, lake, his cabin & bunk (with detailed descriptions of who slept in which bunk).

He had a wonderful time and not many problems. While unpacking his stuff, Sonya found a sheet of paper. One of his counselors wrote Liam a note presumably penned by the elusive "Wild Snuffy", a benevolent and protective creature that wanders the wood and watches over the campers. The "Snuffy" said he had noticed Liam having a few problems with what he considered "fair" in a few situations. "Snuffy" proceeded to give him some great advice and confidence-boosting affirmations to help him cope. It was absolute brilliance! I was extremely impressed and we plan to write the camp, singing the praises of the "Wild Snuffy" concept and giving major kudos to the counselor responsible.

Saturday, I was supposed to take my MENSA exam. I had been thinking about this for a long time - ever since my sister had passed a while back. Sonya and Liam were going to go to the Green Cruise and ride in the parade, leaving Courtney to be tended to. Not being able to take her with me to the exam, I had planned to get a babysitter for her for the couple hours overlap in the time line, but it fell through. Much to my frustration, it turned out that Sonya and Liam didn't get their stuff together fast enough and didn't go. Meanwhile, I missed the exam for no reason and have to wait another 2 months. Grr.

So, I spent the morning mowing the lawn, weeding the flower beds, and trying to be productive. I managed to watch a movie with the kids for a while before heading to work. I worked a bit longer than my shift to cover for a coworker that called off, let Valerie's dog run a bit, then headed home and hit the hay.

Sunday was busy. Woke up at 7am to join my quartet to sing at our bass's church services. We did well, singing with the praise team for the early service, on our own a bit for the second service, and a few of our favorites for the subsequent coffee hour. We added a few more religious tunes to our repertoire for the gig, which is something we'd been planning on doing for a long time. We did a bit better each song and were well recieved.

After the service I headed to the DIA to meet with Sonya, the kids, and the in-laws to see mini Muppet film fest at the Detroit Film Theater. I arrived a bit early and managed to get the attendant to let me wander the museum admission-free while I waited. I've never been a big museum goer. I appreciate good art, but never thought much about it. I only had time to wander the main floor, which holds mostly the older pieces. I found myself being absolutely mesmerized by the work of the early American landscape artists, particularly. The use of light and attention to detail absolutely captivated me. I've always loved breathtaking landscape and nature photography, but to see it through the eyes of one who can truly capture the awe and majesty of God's creation is something that reaches to the core. There's more to great nature than the simple aesthetics can convey. It takes a true artist to go beyond what they see to what they experience. Photography has a difficult way of expressing it (though Ansel Adams does remarkable work with simple black & white). I was moved.

The Muppet film show was a compilation of short skits, stories, and even a commercial from Henson's early work, partnered with his classic telling of "The Frog Prince". This was a choice of my father-in-law to celebrate his birthday. He used to play the record album for Sonya when she was a child and I remember watching it on HBO when I was about 8. We all had a wonderful time and I was more than happy to share my Muppet Mania a bit more with my children. I'm SO glad my father-in-law found this!

Afterward we headed to Slows Barbecue - a small restaurant a few blocks west of Old Tiger Stadium. I can't recommend this place enough. A wonderful selection of microbrews and mouthwatering barbecue that pulls right off the bone. They serve it dry with half a dozen sauces to choose from on the table. Go there - SOON!

After a HUGE meal, I drove Liam home while everyone else headed to the garden Sonya has been tending at a local park. I got home, Liam started a movie, and I just passed out, unable to carry the huge meal in mhy belly a moment longer. A relaxing end to a great weekend.

Unfortunately, I didn't budget in time to do any of my learning tracks. There goes my Tuesday night...

Oh, congrats to Phantom Regiment on the first titel they don't have to share!!! Power to the Old Skool!

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