Monday, May 21, 2007

Coda Honor (version ?) first rehearsal

We had our first rehearsal yesterday. It went well, especially given the obstacles we were facing. I'm fighting a sinus infection, Brad had barely 2 hours rest, the kids were home so we had to rehearse outside in the cold most of the time to avoid distraction, and we got started about 2 ½ hours later than anticipated.

The drawback to this version of the quartet compared to the last is that as we have 2 guys who haven't been in the Society (at least not long), we don't all have several tunes we all already know. The benefit, however, is that as we all either have a lot of barbershopping background OR musical training, so we pick things up pretty quickly. We did a few runs through of my arrangement of Rainbow Connection, and it was recognizable. Most of the chords hit, if not locked, and it sounded quite good for the first time through. We even did a dry run of Baby On Board, which ought to get a chuckle out of the 30something Simpsons fans. Hopefully, we can get another rehearsal in within the next couple weeks and get a few of the tunes we tried out nailed down a bit. By then I should have the song I'm writing specifically for the quartet done and we may be able to try that.

We'll have some roadblocks to get around: Brad's schedule is tight, Dave's gonna need help breaking out of his shell a bit, Lou's gonna need some help with control and some notes, and I'm gonna need to keep my ego and need for control in check. It'll be tricky, but fun. We'll see what happens next rehearsal!

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