Friday, February 23, 2007

A Dream Realized...

Here I sit. It's almost 9am on a Friday. Usually I'd be here in Caribou Coffee in Royal Oak simply sitting in one of the comfy leather chairs, sipping coffee, and thinking of all the things I should (or at least want to) get done on the computer once I get to work.

...but not today.

Today is my first full day with my own laptop.

I have been wanting to spend my time in the coffee shop doing my own projects for so long. Usually, most of my time in front of a computer is either at work, where I am either scrutinized most of the time for not "working", or at home where there are the distractions of chores, kids, and such that prohibit getting too engrossed for too long on any given computer related project - like blogs. Even when the kids are calm or in bed and the chores are relatively up to date, there's the temptation of TV and such that make it difficult to focus.

I have wanted a laptop for years. Mostly I wanted one to make going to the coffee shop to study and do papers for school a bit easier. Sonya got one a couple years back with money from her AmeriCorps grant (qualified as a school supply) and has always let me use it when I need to, but she's understandably picky about how and what is installed and such. She's never acted perticularly posessive, but no matter how generous she is with letting me borrow it - it's still HER computer. That's mostly my hangup. It's kinda like borrowing a coat to go to the store - ya gotta give it back and you're not gonna sew a new hood or trim onto the thing for the brief time ya got it.

I spent the majority of yesterday installing programs and transferring my media from my MP3 player. My biggest worry with the new Windows Vista was that it wouldn't run my older programs. I heard a LOT of complaints about that. So far, everything seems to have loaded fine. All the programs I plan to use (Photoshop, Pagemil, my audio editor, games and such) seem to be fine. I only hope that when I find my Finale disc that it will be as at home on this thing (fingers crossed).

Mostly, though, I want to start keeping up with my blog and maybe start another journal. I started one for each of my kids when they were born with the intent of giving it to them at graduation to give them some insight on their past. I was hoping to write in it at least once a week, but have gone months at a time - or even years - between entries because it's hard to find the time to think and my handwriting is SO slow and barely legible at times. This will help. I plan to transcribe what I have to digital format and continue from there. I'll keep the hand-written copies to present with the full version. Something old-fashioned and nostalgic about it - plus, I doodle.

I am absolutely GEEKED! I have SUCH plans for this thing! I'm gonna write more, arrange songs for my quartet, write music, develop my drill writing & quartet websites, edit my home movies - Oh the possibilities!

Stay tuned for more frequent ponderings and such.

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