Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Prepare to be inundated...

Thus far I have only blogged when I had a rare few moments of peace at work. Soon, you will hopefully be virtually PLAGUED with my endless rants (thus, hopefully, you'll get more of the good stuff, too).

After 2 years of failed attempts to earn, scrimp, save, and beg at holidays and birthdays...


An early birthday present from my dad. It ain't the top 'o the line multi-thousand dollar media center type I would have bought had I shot into an oil well huntin' fer rabbit, but it's brand new, and thus LOADS better than what I have at work or home! Everything I need! All I have to do is possibly get rid of Vista in favor of XP, depending on if all the programs I use work or not with the new, unproven OS du jour from the evil Gates Empire. At about 4 gigs to load, I hear Vista's bloated, clunky, and doesn't play well with older children (read: older software).

So brace yourselves, kiddies! I'm movin' from the wading pool and swan-divng into the deep end of the bloggosphere (and other technological endevors) next week!

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