Monday, January 12, 2009

Auld Lang Syne and Such...

New Year's Eve was equally peaceful. We had no plans or parties to attend. The kids headed off to Flint with the grandparents, so Sonya and I were free to do as we wished...but had nothing really to do. We got a hold of The Wife's brother and a few friends who had equally little to do, and "organized" an impromptu gathering at our place. We had champagne, drinks, and whatever munchies we happened to have lying around and had a great time just hanging out.

I tried to get some pizza for everyone at about 11:20 pm, but every pizza place was closed by that point. The only pizza left accessible at that point was the last, lonely French bread pizza in 7-11's freezer. I took took off the pepperoni before cooking and served that up (mostly to myself) just after midnight. I punked out about 2 and the rest of the crowd followed about 4ish. A fun, lighthearted evening as had by all. Just right.

On New Year's Day the Wife and I headed to her parents' to have dinner. As we pulled intoo their subdivision, we drove through a HUGE murder of crows, having what seemed to be an international convention in the neighborhood. I went back to try and get some shots of them on my new camera, but as I apparently bear some unrealized resemblance to Ray Bolger, they scattered into the trees as I approached. All I could manage was some distance shots and a short video, in which yoou can hear their 'caw'cophony echoing through the neighborhood.

We had a wonderful afternoon just lazing around, watching movies, munching leftover Christmas cookies, and having dinner. I got a few great shots of the ambiance of the day:
Liam & Brunhilde
Liam & Courtney
Liam & Dad
Christmas Tree

A great start to a new year...

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Musical Daddy said...

Great pix, dude! Everyone looks happy & well...