Monday, January 12, 2009

Cold Fusion (or Bonding in the Snow)...

Yesterday, following the 5 inches or so of snow we received the day prior, the kids and I headed to the local sled hill for some winter fun.

I used to LOVE sledding, but now that I'm older, less agile, and generally more fuddy-duddyish, I don't exactly race for my toboggan at the first hint of frost. Getting the kids bundled up properly, freezing my tuckus off, and climbing up what inevitably feels like Mt. Renier is not my cup 'o tea anymore. Still, remembering those days of racing down the slope by the local freeway off-ramp (yea, it was a simpler time), it would be remiss of me not to seize the opportunity to have some great fun with my kids while they are young and I'm still able to.

We stopped by Taco Bell for a bite then headed off to the sled hill right behind their school. It was busy, but not particularly crowded. Liam, of course, took off like a shot and was having a blast. Courtney was eager, but didn't want to go down alone. I went with her on 2 great runs, then let her try by herself. She was reticent, but willing. Of course, her first and only time down by herself, she wiped out and was inconsolable for 5 minutes. After that, she was content to play on the playground the rest of the time.

We were there for about 2 1/2 hours, finally packing it in as it began to get dark. We had an absolute ball. I got a few great shots on my nifty new camera...
Sled Hill 1-11-09 (16)
Sled Hill 1-11-09 (18)
Sled Hill 1-11-09 (7)

...and some video...

I am so blessed to have such great kids and am overjoyed I didn't decide to sit like a bump on a log all day, playing with my new computer or watching TV. Sure, I'd love to live in a warmer climate, but how could I miss out on moments like these!?

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